WE ARE the long con


The Long Con is located in Berkeley, in Northern California.

We are a furniture and homegoods company focused on creating thoughtful objects and contemporary heirlooms.

Our products live gracefully in the home, becoming more beautiful and interesting over time. We make all our goods by hand in our workshop. At times, we engage the craftsmanship of other small suppliers and fabricators to create what we can’t. 

The Long Con is committed to seeking the best possible answers at the highest quality.


+ the many hands +



Rafi Ajl


After 22 winters on the east coast, Rafi Ajl made his escape. Following a love of all that is wild, he settled into Northern California, where he has made his home and practice.

The Long Con, a result of a life spent making, began in 2017.

Rafi has been making and taking apart things as long as he can remember. His aesthetic sense has been cultivated over a lifetime, learning to sew first from his artist mother, broadening to creating everything from landscapes to bicycles to furniture to tea houses.

Rafi has always sought to express place and presence through design. You’ll find a carefully-studied ruggedness alive in his work, informed by mountains, coastlines, and his eternal sense of awe.

The Long Con project strives to bring a sense of wonder and wander to where we spend our days; to bring the extraordinary home.


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