We are invested in working with our materials as relationships, not as sources. We are all caretakers - in the choices we make, the food we eat, and the objects we use.

What we cannot make, grow, or gather, we look to people and companies of the highest integrity, who have made it their practice to be stewards of the land and resources.. We look to domestic purveyors, people who we can talk to locally, to define and refine our needs. We look to people more experienced than we are, to learn, grow, and carry traditional ways forward, while integrating contemporary standards and lessons learned.

Wendell Berry, farmer, writer, and poet, on our relationship with the natural world, in Preserving Wildness:

"We live in a wilderness, in which we and our works occupy a tiny space and play a tiny part. We exist under its dispensation and by its tolerance."

Our place in the world is under the greater powers of the cosmos. The Long Con is us - we are playing the long game in creating resilient, long-lasting products that are at inherent odds with the world. We take, and we must give back. We must replenish and renew. The choices that we all make should reflect the growing demand to use less, to invest in quality, and to ensure that we are creating viable, local economies.


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